MyDream is a Creator Community Game that allows you to create vast and exciting worlds in a wide variety of environments that you can fill with adventures!

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MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers!

We’ve been working hard on some key features, and we’re looking to release a new public build with some of them very soon!

The next update should be coming within the next week. This will include more automagic blocks, light sources attracting to nearby surfaces, lighting updates, and some terrain rendering optimizations!

Speaking of which, we’re making some further progress into voxel terrain rendering optimization behind the scenes, and these improvements should vastly improve performance while resolving some annoying visual oddities. We’ve also been making progress on a full overhaul of the UI, which will be extensible to support gamepads and touchscreen devices. In fact, we’ve successfully logged in with the new UI using a gamepad!

Come back next week for more news and updates!

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MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers!

We just have a couple small updates this week. We’ve been working on more behind-the-scenes stuff this week that will let us do much more with the menus and UI for MyDream, along with some adjustments to the lighting system to take full advantage of Unity’s lighting and shader systems!

Automagic functionality is being added to Wood, Red Brick, and Grey brick materials. Recent automagic blocks are also being reworked and fine tuned, and spike trap / dark shooter / crumble blocks will be updated to match the new designs!

See you next time for more news and updates!!

MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers,
We’ve recently released our latest update ( and it brings some great new stuff with it! For the full details, check out the recent Update Notes to see what else we’ve added and fixed.

Two new terrain brushes have been added to MyDream! These can be accessed when a Terrain material is selected and provide new ways to work with the terrain:

 - Use [T] to access the Terrain Healing brush. This allows altered terrain to be restored to its natural contour, which is perfect for undoing mistakes and creating perfectly-hidden underground features!

 - Use [G] to access the Terrain Smoothing brush. This averages the highs and lows across a small area to flatten it out, which is great for taking a rough spot in the world and making it flatter to accommodate building in the area.

We’ve also been making progress on the Automagic Castle blocks, as well as introducing the new Automagic Stone blocks. Along with the blocks, we have revamped the textures for the stairs, ramps, and columns of these materials for a more consistent look.

See you next week for more updates!

Version Update Notes

- Alternate terrain brushes added! While a terrain material is selected on the hotbar (any material that arms the drill): hold [T] to heal/restore the terrain surface, and hold [G] to smooth the terrain.

- Additional functionality has been added to the Lantern: press [L] to cycle between low, medium, and high intensity, or to turn it off altogether.

- all crafting recipes are now able to be crafted

- tweaked the item preview hologram material so it is more transparent
- smoothed out the grass shader
- repainted the shrub texture

- stone block has new automagic functionality
- stone block, steps, columns and ramps are retextured
- castle block, steps, columns and ramps are retextured

- all glass windows shaders have been condensed to have the same look (though they are currently semi-transparent, will fix that soon)
- material upgraded on the recharge stand, charging stand, regeneration stand, quest markers and permission stand
- upgraded the bump map for dark metal items

MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers! 

We’ve been making some good progress this week, including new terrain features and more automagic blocks! We’re also shifting the schedule of the MyDream Community Show to start at 2 PM Pacific on Thursdays at

We’ve started testing two new ways to manipulate terrain: Healing and Smoothing.
- Healing provides the ability to restore the contour of the terrain to an unaltered state, which is useful for repairing mistaken edits or creating natural covering over a handmade cavern.
- Smoothing will additively apply terrain in a more evenly-distributed pattern across a larger space. This helps with making smoother and flatter surfaces when manipulating terrain.

We’re also working on new Automagic Stone blocks! Similar to how it works with Castle blocks, the Stone blocks will have different patterning along both the tops and the sides. There’s also a fancy new pattern that will be coming with the new Stone blocks, so be on the lookout for those in the next update!

See you next week for more news and updates!

MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers! 

We’ve recently released an update with new features worth mentioning! 

More automagic construction has been added! Castle blocks, windows, and steel fences are now making more seamless and intelligent connections. More upgrades to this system will be coming in soon!

Further rendering optimizations have been included to improve performance! Reducing viewing distance and / or resolution can further improve performance. 

Alien worlds are now available to create! These worlds have a very dynamic appearance that is unlike anything else we’ve released.

Some changes have been made to lighting, along with the addition of fog to help hide terrain and objects in the distance that are still rendering.

We also released a hotfix for the terrain in Water Test Worlds, and introduced a variable lantern along with it. Press “L” to cycle through the variable lighting! 

Full update notes can be found on the previous post.

See you next week for more news and updates!

Update Notes –

Warning: some terrain fall-through issues have been occurring. Use /home or go to a Quest Start Point from the Inventory menu to return to safe ground !

Warning: terrain is missing from Water Test World type worlds for the moment 

-fixed interact bug with scrolls 
-re-enabled fullscreen as a settings option 
-fixed ladder climbing / flying bug 
-fixed bug where players would only be able to climb with W and S (up-arrow and down-arrow enabled) 
-fixed bug with multiple worlds being listed repeatedly in world search 
-added a first implementation of new crafting system 
-updated crafting recipes for all items 
-added new material types in crafting 
-steel fences have new automagic functionality (like the wood fences) 
-windows and framed windows have new automagic functionality 
-castle block has new automagic functionality 
-increased the speed of the glove transition between inventory and drill modes 
-in-game lighting upgraded to Unity5’s Enlighten technology 
-stone, wood, asphalt and brick materials upgraded to Physically Based Rendering (PBR) shaders! 
-forests now work properly and immediately for all view distances 
-improved forest performance 
-redwoods display visible axe marks 
-faster terrain generation assisted by the gpu on windows machines 
-adjusted terrain view distances (work in progress) 
-item view distance now matches terrain view distance 
-additional improvements to terrain and item environmental lighting 
-adaptive fogging outdoors (fixes some earlier fogging issues) 
-adaptive fogging specific to caves 
-improved lantern lighting (work in progress) 
-fixed flora shading issues 
-fixed flora wind interaction on windows machines 
-fixed high quality graphical artifacts 
-fixed some terrain shading artifacts 
-fixed distorted music playback

MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers!

We have a little bit of new this week, and a few giveaways going on!

First off, we participated in this week’s Free Key Fridays giveaway with some of our friends from The MIX at SXSW! Check out Free Key Fridays here:

Second, we have a great review from Alpha Beta Gamer that covers a lot of the major points and features for MyDream, along with a key giveaway! Check it out here:

We’re still running our giveaway campaign for 2,500 Youtube subscribers by 4/10/15! Details can be found here:

The next MyDream update (scheduled for early next week) has some cool new features coming in!
Wood, Stone, and Brick material have received an overhaul on their appearances, and should look much better now.

Castle blocks will now have Automagic connections which will alter their appearance based on the context of nearby blocks. The result is both an improvement to the appearance and some additional rendering optimizations!

Windows and Steel Fence are also getting automagic upgrades, which will allow for seamless windows and fences as large as you’d like!

Be sure to check back next week for more news!

MyDream Journal Entry

Greetings MyDream Journal Readers!

We’re back from our GDC + PAX East + SXSW convention tour, thank you to everybody who stopped by and checked out MyDream! 

Its been a little while since the last journal update, and we have plenty to talk about, including a Giveaway Campaign, New World Types, Placement Preview updates, early Dynamic Water testing, Item Placement preview upgrades, and Tech upgrades!

YouTube Giveaway Campaign

To help us share more about the game with more players, we’re working on building up our YouTube channel. We’re looking to hit at least 2500 YouTube Subscribers by April 10th, and we’ll be giving out a minimum of 100 Steam Early Access Keys if we reach our goal! Spread the word, tell your friends and family about it:

A Whole New World (or two)

We’ve added a few new World types to MyDream and we’ve opened up access to most of the worlds we already had around worlds. We understand that they aren’t very clearly labeled, so to help with this we’ve got a list of the different world types below to detail what the worlds are all about!

  –  *NEW* –Dream World - This world has some features for all the biomes we’ve got, along with dynamic and fantastical terrain generation to make for a truly otherworldly experience!
  –  *NEW* Water Test World - This is a modified Flatlands world with one fancy new feature, which is the ability to generate water by placing an Ice Block in the world! This is still in a very early state, as we haven’t fully implemented the system, but the very basics of water are now available to play with.
  –  Megaworld and Class M - Megaworld is what the Mountain type world used to be, and will have similar properties and characteristics to previous worlds made as Mountains type. Class M is essentially a Megaworld without any trees, which allow it to perform far more effectively on all systems.
  –  Alpha 002 - This is the equivalent of what used to be Desert type worlds. Flatlands with some rocky formations protruding out of the ground, along with some grassy patches, which adds some intrigue to the area without much effect on performance.
  –  Grass 004 - This is the equivalent of the Grasslands type world. If you haven’t seen it yet, we have new grass in the game and it looks pretty sweet!
  –  Flats 2 - This is the equivalent of the Flatlands type world. Flatlands has the highest performance of all the world types, and is ideal for low-end systems.
  –  Oasis 2, Oasis Simple, and Oasis High - Oasis worlds have been split up a bit. Oasis 2 is more of the original Oasis-type world, including caves and caverns that had recently been removed for performance. The Oasis Simple type world is the result of that adjustment, and has similar surface features but without the caves in the world, and performs the best of the Oasis type worlds. Oasis High is a taller version of the Oasis world type which also has caves to it.
  –  *WARNING* Alpha 001 & Grass World 3 are deprecated world types. It is highly recommended to not use the world types to try to create a world. We’ll be removing access to these in the next update.

Intuitive Placement Previews

We’ve added some new features to the Item Previews! Objects with a directional consideration (like the movement arc for Doors or targeting direction of a Dragon Turret) now have an arrow indicating how they’ll be oriented when they are placed in the world. All previews work with F and R (Flip and Rotate) to further assist the placement process. Additionally we’ve recolored the placement objects accordingly: Most blocks and objects are cyan, traps are magenta, doors are blue, plants are green, and Light Orbs are the color they emit.

Tech Upgrades

In order to keep making progress with MyDream in adding features and improving performance, we’ve made a massive tech leap. We’ve gone from using DirectX 9 to DirectX 11, and switched the project over from Unity 4 to Unity 5! This is mostly invisible to users with a computer configured for DX11 or higher, aside from the already-noticeable performance improvements.

That’s it for this week!

MyDream Journal Entry

Welcome MyDream Journal Readers,

We have some neat stuff going on! We’re excited to be showing off MyDream at GDC and PAX East next week, and we’re running a small YouTube subscriber giveaway!


We’ll be on tour next week, as we’ll be at both GDC and PAX East this year! We’re excited to run demos at both events for attendees to check out, as well as being able to answer any questions about MyDream. Please come by and visit if you’ll be attending them!

At GDC Play 2015, we’ll be at Booth PL611

At PAX East we’ll be at Booth 11164


We’ve started getting more active on YouTube, and we’re excited to get more subscribers. In fact, we’ll be doing a MyDream subscriber giveaway as soon as we reach 500!! A MyDream product key will be handed out to each of the 10 winners for this event. In order to enter:

 1) Subscribe to the MyDream Youtube Channel here:

 2) Watch our trailer here, leave a comment, and give it a thumbs up:

 3) We’ll be compiling a list of subscribers who left comments and roll the giveaways as soon as we can when we’ve reached 500 subscribers! Winners will be contacted through YouTube direct message (you’ll need a G+ account to receive a message).

See you next week for more MyDream Journal updates!

MyDream at PAX East and GDC

Greetings MyDream Community!

We’re excited to see everyone at both GDC and PAX East this year!! We’re excited to run demos at both events for attendees to check out, as well as being able to interact with the team and ask us questions about MyDream!

At PAX East we’ll be at Booth 11164

At GDC Play 2015, we’ll be at Booth PL611

We’ll see you there!!

MyDream Journal Entry

Welcome MyDream Journal Readers,

We’ve made it to Steam!! Today marks the Early Access launch of MyDream on Steam, which can be found here:

We’ll be doing some Q&A and building with the community this Thursday from 12 to 1 PM PST on for Episode 3 of the MyDream Community Show! 

We’ve emailed out keys to all preorders and $10+ Kickstarter backers! Thank you all very much! To activate MyDream using a Product Key on Steam:

- Login to the Steam desktop client with your Steam account. [Steam accounts are free to create if you do not have one already.]
- Access the Games tab on the toolbar at the top of the client, and select “Activate a Product on Steam.”
- Confirm the prompts in the Product Activation window until it brings you to the area where you can enter a Product Key. Use the key that was sent to your email exactly as it was provided, then click Next to begin the installation process!

We are extremely excited to see more builders and adventurers joining us on Steam! For all the new and past users coming into MyDream for the first time, here are some tips and notes for getting started:

– If you logged into MyDream in the past, be sure to use your previous login information, as the account will be permanently linked to your Steam account.
- The Tutorial may have some missing blocks in the floor on Medium or High graphics settings, but this has no impact on the ability to complete the tutorial.
- If you have any trouble or weirdness with MyDream, it is advised to exit the game and launch it again.
- Currently Flatlands and Grasslands perform the smoothest - we’re working hard on performance optimizations for the other world types.
- In-game chat is currently not enabled. We know what the problem is and we’re working on it.

See you next week for more MyDream Journal updates!

- LegendaryNeurotoxin

MyDream Journal Entry 

Welcome MyDream Journal Readers,

This is a truly exciting time for MyDream! We’ve been mentioned among the great games of 2015 by Gamasutra, we’ve started our new MyDream Community Show, and we’re truly excited to be launching Early Access on Steam!

Gamasutra posted the “Best In Play” winners for GDC Play 2015 yesterday, and among the winners and honorable mentions is MyDream! We’re honored to share company with the amazing upcoming games for this year, and very excited to show it off to attendees at both GDC! The Gamasutra article is available here:

We aired the very first episode of the MyDream Community Show yesterday, where we showed off some basic building, quest-making, trap-setting, along with a visit to Reverend Kremchek’s Neighborhood! That video is available here:

Be sure to tune in every Thursday from 12 to 1 PM PST on for more broadcasts in the future!

We’re really excited to begin Early Access on Steam on Friday, February 20th, just a week away! This comes with some new features like the Item Stand, some bug fixes that should make building and playing a bit easier, a newly improved Tutorial, and more! We’ll also be releasing a new cinematic trailer to accompany the Steam store page when it is up! 

See you next week for more MyDream Journal updates!

GDC Play 2015 Has Awarded Us an Honorable Mention in Their “Best in Play” Competition this year!
We have entered into the Independent Games Festival 2015!

The 17th Annual Independent Games  (IGF) Festival is approaching. MyDream is an entrant into their Main Competition this year and ‘comp is high’! 

You can also cast your vote for us in the 2015 IGF Audience Award now! The winner will be announced at GDC 2015!


Shape The World

MyDream lets you shape the terrain of the world!  Blast into the earth itself to mold it to your liking or add some terrain into the world to vary up your landscape.  Set your Power Glove to low to make small, precise edits - or crank it up and do some major remodeling!


Place items right into the world, wherever you like.  There’s lots of options to choose from so let your imagination run wild!  Build structures and compliment them with some fun interactive items.  Traps are good for making people watch their step, or perhaps you’re just feeling a little devious?

Make Adventures

Make quests, create geo-caches, hide treasures, create an interactive story, and send visitors to your world on an experience they won’t soon forget!  Making fun adventures in your world is as easy as having an idea and dropping items.  We give you the tools, let your creativity do the rest!


Be a part of the community and see what others are creating.  Join any world, any time.  We make it as easy as possible for you to get where you want to go.  Choose a world and off you go into the unknown.  Don’t worry though, we’ll have suggestions on things you might want to see!


Played in a world you really liked?  Well then give it a rating!  You can rate a world from 1-5 stars and we track every rating a world has ever received to give it a total rating.  Top rated worlds will appear in the Home Screen of the game and the best of the best will even be Featured in the game!

Level Up

MyDream features two leveling categories: Builder and Explorer.  Builders level up by creating worlds and having other players rate them.  Explorers level up by going on adventures throughout the game.  Builder and Explorer level independently of each other and have their own playstyle-specific rewards!